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Top 100 Instrumentals of the 50s and 60s

While songs without vocals typically comprise this list, some exceptions fall into place: a few words repeated during a song are acceptable, such as “Tequila,” “Wipe Out” or “Topsy II.” A short phrase, such as ‘Just a little bit of soul now’ from Ray Charles’ “One Mint Julep,” does not disqualify a song. An audience …

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Rewind The Biggest Instrumental Hits of the Past 50 Years

Until “Harlem Shake” came along in 2013, it had been more than 10 years since there was an instrumental in the Billboard Top 10. The instrumental was once a mainstay of the pop charts. In 1963 alone, there were 10 instrumentals that crashed the Top 10, from the Chantays’ surf -guitar classic “Pipeline” to the easy listening …

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